Morning Links, 3/6/12

LAND OF THE FREE?: Holder OKs targeted killings of Americans (Politico)

JUSTICE?: Holder promotes Taliban defender (The Daily Caller)

YES, PLEASE!: Rep. Allen West would accept a VP nomination (Newsmax)

ENEMIES IN THE EAST?: China’s military threat (Free Beacon)

ENEMIES IN THE EAST? (CONT.): China’s influence operation in America (Free Beacon)

TELL ME ABOUT IT: Barbara Bush “this is the worst campaign ever” (Hot Air)

FOCUS: GOP concentrates on Congress (The Hill)

WE WANT ANSWERS: Five questions for Obama (Politico)

OBAMACARE: Polls show Americans support repeal of Obamacare (Weekly Standard)

OBAMA AND ISRAEL: Friend or foe? (The Hill)

STRENGTH: Navy Commander warns against cuts (Fox News)

CRONY CAPITALISM: Green donors flocking to Romney (Politico)

CRONY-CRUNCHING: Norquist schools Rattner (Free Beacon)

HACKERS: “LulzSec” hackers unmasked (Fox News)

A MATTER OF TIME: The Museum of Government Waste (The Daily Caller)

RUMOR: Osama Bin Laden not buried at sea? (RT)

ENEMIES: North Korea holds live-fire drill (Newsmax)

UNIONS: SEIU’s secret network of influence (The Daily Caller)

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