Morning Links, 3/12/12

OBAMA FALLING: Polls show gas price problems for Prez (Fox News)

OBAMA FALLING (CONT): Obama has more to worry about than gas prices (WaPo)

FINALLY!: Obama impeachment bill hits congress (WND)

OBAMA ECONOMY: What Recovery? (Free Beacon)

GAME THE VOTE: Justice Dept. files objection to TX voter ID law (Fox News)

GAME THE VOTE (CONT.): Unions to dump $400m on Obama race (Free Beacon)

ENERGY FAIL: How Obama is choking off oil production (National Review)

ENERGY FAIL (CONT.): Labor “civil war” over Keystone XL (Free Beacon)

PARASITES: Retiring lawmakers eye K Street gigs (Politico)

PARASITES (CONT.): Government money spent to… lobby government? (Daily Caller)

SECULARISM: Britain bans crucifixes at work (Fox News)

FAST AND FURIOUS: Tea Parties push for F&F probe (The Hill)

FAST AND FURIOUS (CONT.): 120 congressmen call for Holder resignation (Daily Caller)

TECH: 18% of social media users “unfriend” over politics (The Hill)

OCCUPY: Occupy Wall Street is out of cash (CBS)

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