The Evolving Tea Party

In my recent Op-Ed in The Daily Caller, I wrote about the changing face of the Tea Party. Though many in the mainstream media hope that the Tea Party is dead because we no longer hold giant rallies around the country, our movement is strong, growing and evolving.

In the video above, Glen Beck talks about how the Tea Party is going global. In this story, CBN explores how the Tea Party i going into “stealth mode,” focusing on local races. In Kentucky, Tea Party activists are proving how effective local organizing can be. Even in states like Connecticut, the Tea Party is making progress on the local level.

And the biggest sign that the Tea Party is strong and effective: we are scaring the political establishment. The IRS is attacking several Tea Party groups, proving that the establishment sees us as a serious threat. If the Tea Party were “dead,” why would we be under attack from the IRS?

As the Tea Party focuses on local strengths, we are also connecting on a global level. And though we are strong and growing, we face challenges from those who benefit from a cozy status quo. And with a crucial election before us, now is the time for all Tea Partiers to rally together! Let’s take our country back!

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  1. Albert J. Hess says:

    How many Tea Party members are there?

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