Obama’s Budget: A Failure Of Leadership

One of the challenges for grassroots political movements like the Tea Party, is taking the time to understand complex political issues while providing for your family and doing all the things we need to do in everyday life. And with the mainstream media always happy to distract us with trivial divisions, sometimes the hardest things for a politically-involved person to do is to understand what the most important issues of the moment really are. With so much to worry about, where should we as engaged Tea Party members focus our attention?

A good place to start is the bill that keeps government whirling out of control: Obama’s new budget. Anyone who is worried about leaving their children an America that is indebted to foreign governments needs to understand what this budget really is.

The US budget is huge and extremely complicated. Go ahead and read all 247 pages of it here, if you don’t believe me. But it basically all comes down to one graph (from the American Enterprise Institute), which you see here. President Obama has had three years to do something about the greatest challenge facing this nation, and he has chosen to make it worse.

But wait, some might be saying, the White House claims its budget will actually cut $4 trillion from the deficit. That’s just not true. As the leading fiscal policy wonk on Capitol Hill, Paul Ryan, puts it:

“Look, if you strip away all the president’s budget gimmicks, accounting tricks, it gives you $400 billion in deficit reduction over 10 years. It actually increases spending. Net spending increases by $1.5 trillion, and because he raises taxes by $1.9 trillion is how you get this $400 billion figure, an average of $40 billion of deficit reduction every year when we’re racking up trillion-dollar deficits. So it’s–I don’t even know how to describe that, other than it’s just not serious.”

How does Obama claim that when it’s just not true? He claims nearly a billion dollars in savings from winding down the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, as if these were fiscal policies rather than abject retreats. The non-partisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget explains

“The President employs a major budget gimmick by relying on the war drawdown for savings. This drawdown is already in effect and not the result of new deficit-reducing policies, and so it should not be counted as deficit reduction. Worse than simply counting it to inflate their numbers, though, the Administration uses some of the phantom savings to pay for existing unfunded transportation costs and to expand jobs and infrastructure initiatives. Paying for real costs with phony offsets is no way to budget or to control rising debt.”

And the budget tricks just start there. Obama also claims $800b in “savings” on payments for debt that it isn’t taking on. He even cooked the budget’s statistics in order to take credit for the cuts that the Republicans forced him to make. In other words, Obama wants to look like he’s taking on the problem, while he’s actually fudging the facts and selling out the future of this country.

The video you see above was uploaded to Youtube just five hours before I wrote these words. It shows what is happening right now in Greece, where the entire fabric of society is tearing itself apart. There, the socialist welfare state lulled its citizens into government dependency with borrowed money, and now the chickens are coming home to roost. As Margaret Thatcher once put it

“The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples’ money.”

When I look at Obama’s budget, I worry that these videos from Greece are a look at our future. As patriots, we must never stop demanding that our government “man up” and take responsibility for their debt. One look at Greece shows what a terrible price there is to pay when we burden our children and grandchildren with a bloated government.

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3 Responses to Obama’s Budget: A Failure Of Leadership

  1. Albert J. Hess says:

    It is time that we all “Man Up”. The government, the businesses and the people! We must stop all of this borrowing. We must all pass “budgets”, governments, businesses and each and every person alike that will pay off all of our debits within the year. Borrowing is immoral. We must all stop acting like little children. If we don’t have enough money in our pockets to by something we want we just simply can’t have it!

  2. Haddicus says:

    It’s sad to see where this country is going with our current leadership. Unfortunately, there are so many people that now depend on the government, I think we’ve gone past the brink of no return. With so many depending on government payouts of unemployment, welfare, food stamps, etc, many no longer have a choice (or desire) to do anything other than depend.

    We need to grow some solid skin against these things and cancel programs that don’t encourage and force redevelopment for reentry to workforce, and limited timeframes for assistance, than open-ended contracts with people uninterested in working. We need some strong people to come forward and decide what to do for our country, and not for themselves. Unfortunately, human greed has corrupted politicians since history has been written, and therefore, is in my opinion, a lost cause.

    The greatness of this country did not come from politicians, but from people who wanted to live free of government slavery, but the country they created has now turned into what many of them feared in the beginning. Unfortunately for us, we are the generation that gets to see the breakdown of that very great thing the country once was.

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