Morning Links, 2/3/12

YOUR OBAMA ECONOMY: Record 1.2 million workers fall out fo workforce in one month (ZeroHedge) BONUS: More graphs via The Gateway Pundit.

YOUR OBAMA ECONOMY (CONT.): Small business hiring flat in January (CNBC)

YOU OBAMA ECONOMY (PT. 3): If the economy is improving, please answer these questions (TheEconomicCollapseBlog)

REIGNING IN SPENDING: GOP “cut federal workers, not defense” (The Hill)

LOCK AND LOAD: Dems out-fundraise Republicans (Politico)

LOCK AND LOAD (CONT.): Obama’s uphill battle (National Journal)

CORRUPTION: SEC avoids penalizing large banks (NY Times)

CORRUPTION (CONT.): Senate defeats earmark ban (RedState)

FAST AND FURIOUS: Holder folds under questioning (Daily Caller)

FAST AND FURIOUS (CONT.): Mother of slain Border Patrol agent “Holder is a coward” (Daily Caller)

THE WAR ON GUNS: NYC’s Top Cop calls for even tougher gun laws (NY Daily News)

CONFRONTING TERROR: Iran helping Al-Qaeda? (Fox News)

CULTURE WAR: White House not open to debate over contraception mandate (Daily Caller)

FIXING THE ECONOMY: A former union thug on Right-To-Work laws (RedState)

TRUTH: Coburn “anyone who says they won’t touch ¬†Medicare is a liar (The Hill)

CRONY CAPITALISM: Issa blasts Obama’s Green jobs fraud (The Gateway Pundit)

BUSTED: Non-citizen voter fraud uncovered in Florida (NBC)

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