Morning Links, 2/28/12

YOUR OBAMA ECONOMY: House prices fall to lowest level since 2006 (The Hill)

YOUR OBAMA ECONOMY (CONT.): Durable goods demand falls at fastest rate in four years (CNBC)

MOPPING UP: Paul Ryan “GOP focused on economy” (Politico)

IRAN: Israel could attack Iran without notice (Newsmax)

IRAN (CONT.): Secret deal in the works? (The Daily Caller)

IRAN (PT. 3): Iranian Christian faces execution (Fox News)

SHAME: Obama cuts benefits to troops, vets (Free Beacon)

SHAME (CONT.): WH refuses to release 3-page Obama apology to Afghanistan (The Gateway Pundit)

WASTE: Government waste marches on (Fox News)

TAX-AND-SPEND: Obama raises taxes, doesn’t address spending (Free Beacon)

TAX-AND-SPEND (CONT.): Why we should eliminate the corporate income tax (Atlantic)

THE FUTURE?: UK Government “out of money” (Telegraph)

IMAGINE THAT: Chris Christie proposes school merit pay (Newsmax)

ENERGY: Keystone XL pipeline tries again (Fox News)

CORRUPTION: Gaming the stimulus for fun and profit (Big Government)

CORRUPTION (CONT.): Obama-backing law firm behind Fisker DOE loans (NLPC)

ASSAULT: Dems target Marco Rubio (The Hill)

ASSAULT (CONT.): Dems target Republican committee chairs (The Hill)

SCUM: Media Matters boss pays $850k “blackmail” (Fox News)

GOD WILLING: Hugo Chavez has one year to live (Newsmax)

ISLAM: Internet radicalizes young Muslims fast (Washington Times)

HYPOCRISY: Occupy’s corporate backing (WSJ)

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