Morning Links, 2/27/12

YOUR OBAMA ECONOMY: Obama wants higher gas prices (The Hill)

YOUR OBAMA ECONOMY (CONT.): Credit card debt reaches “toxic” levels (Fox)

YOUR OBAMA ECONOMY (PT. 3): Water bills to triple (Washington Examiner)

IDIOTS: Warren Buffett isn’t worried about gas prices (The Hill)

POLITICAL BATTLES: Obama, Dem Governors seek to bypass Congress (The Hill)

SCARED?: Obama uses espiionage act to crack down on whistleblowers (NY Times)

GLOBAL MELTDOWN: No guarantee that (second) Greek bailout will work (Zerohedge)

OPINION: 55% of Americans oppose Affirmative Action (Rasmussen)

OPINION (CONT.): Likely voters prefer lower tax rates (The Hill)

2012: Romney, Santorum lead Obama nationally (Jammie Wearing Fools)

ISLAMIC TERROR: Last US soldier in Iraq killed by extremists (Fox News)

ISLAMIC TERROR (CONT.): Dems stoned by Palestinians (The Gateway Pundit)

ENEMIES ABROAD: Iran “ready to wipe Israel off the map” (YNet)

RECKLESS SPENDING: Debt limit raises its ugly head again (IBD)

DOUBT: Richard Dawkins “not sure if God doesn’t exist” (Hot Air)

WIKILEAKS: Wikileaks hits private intelligence company (Reuters)

POLICE STATE: Agencies seek to expand drone use at home (Fox News)

NANNY STATE: Town considers ban on smoking outside citizens’ own homes (CBS)

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