Morning Links, 2/22/12


YOUR OBAMA ECONOMY: The Fed’s failed housing stimulus (Zerohedge)

YOUR OBAMA ECONOMY (CONT.): WH advisor “unemployment is good for the economy” (The Weekly Standard)

YOUR OBAMA REALITY: America reaches “Jimmy Carter” levels of dissatisfaction (The Gateway Pundit)

ECONOMIC TERROR: Taxing the rich with a surcharge doesn’t work in the UK (Hot Air)

ECONOMIC TERROR (CONT.): Why Democrats like high gas prices (RightWingNews)

ECONOMIC TERROR (PT 3.): The IRS assault on Tea Party groups (The Daily Caller)

CORRUPTION: Inside Obama’s earmark bribe machine (Fox News)

CORRRUPTION (CONT.):¬†Obama’s attempt to influence credit rating agencies (The Hill)

CRONY CAPITALISM: The FCC’s Solyndra Moment (The Daily Caller)

CRONY CAPITALISM (CONT.): Feds pay $100m to energy firm for 36 jobs (Free Beacon)

TAXES: Jack Welch doesn’t feel under-taxed (Politico)

ENEMIES: Nuclear inspectors denied access in Iran (The Hill)

ENEMIES (CONT.): Iran threatens pre-emptive action (NBC)

AXIS OF EVIL: Russia boosts arms sales to Syria to crush freedom fighters (Reuters)

THANK GOD: Hugo Chavez’s cancer is back (Newsmax)

GUNS: Illinois ammo surcharge raises outcry (Fox News)

GUNS: The hot new hobby for women (The Daily Caller)

UNDERSTANDING THE MARKET: Where the Hedge Funds invest (Zerohedge)

ISLAM: US Afghanistan embassy shut down as protests rage (Newsmax)

JOIN THE GOVERNMENT!: Public employees are paid the best (Free Beacon)

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One Response to Morning Links, 2/22/12

  1. Albert J. Hess says:

    Where would we the people be today if just one more of us in forty had voted for McCain/Palin?

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