Morning Links, 2/21/12

YOUR OBAMA ECONOMY: Dow passes 13,000, thanks to massive government injections (Zerohedge)

YOUR OBAMA ECONOMY (CONT.): Obama’s “Solyndra Economy” (The Hill)

ECONOMIC TERROR: Obama wants $8 gas and he might just get his wish! (Ace Of Spades HQ)

ECONOMIC TERROR (CONT.): Gas prices could crush any economic recovery (Newsmax)

CORRUPTION: Obama’s lobbyists go undercover (The Hill)

CORRUPTION (CONT.): The billion-dollar slush fund for Democrat AGs (The Daily Caller)

2012: The fall of Obama’s Super PAC (The Daily Caller)

2012: Obama Super PAC falls back on the Chicago machine (The Free Beacon)

PC POLICE: FBI forced to whitewash Muslim threat in training material (Fox News)

VAST LEFT WING CONSPIRACY: Unions take over Occupy (The Daily Caller)

VAST LEFT WING CONSPIRACY (CONT.): Obama and Media Matters: The next Watergate? (American Spectator)

VIDEO: The Truth about about Obama and Israel (The Weekly Standard)

DEBT WORLD: Despite second bailout, Greek debt could fail again (Newsmax)

THE GASSY TRUTH: Fracking fears overblown (Fox News)

GUNS: Barack Obama, World’s Greatest Gun Salesman (The Gateway Pundit)

ON THE MARCH: “Burgeoning” CPAC moves to larger headquarters (Newsmax)

ON THE MARCH (CONT.): Opposition to Obamacare widespread (Hot Air)

THE ENEMY: Iran’s oil-for-nukes blackmail (The Daily Beast)

FREEDOM OF RELIGION: 2,500 religious leaders rebuke Obama’s contraception tyranny (The Daily Caller)

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