Morning Links, 2/17/12

YOUR OBAMA ECONOMY: Inflation rising (CNBC)

YOUR OBAMA ECONOMY (CONT.): Global systemic risk also rising (Zerohedge)

ENEMIES: Venezuela shipping fuel to Syria (Reuters)

ENEMIES (CONT.): Iran andAl Qaeda working on attack? (Newsmax)

MEDIA BIAS: How the left funds Media Matters to corrupt journalism (The Daily Caller)

MEDIA BIAS (CONT.): Media Matters tax-free status comes under scrutiny (The Daily Caller)

MEDIA BIAS (PT. 3): 19 reporters and media execs join Team Obama (Washington Examiner)

OUT-OF-CONTROL SPENDING: CBO gives stimulus an “F” (Hot Air)

OUT-OF-CONTROL SPENDING (CONT.): Watch the debt climb (American Enterprise Institute)

BACK TO SCHOOL: Classes the Occupy crowd should take (The Wall Street Journal)

DIRTY HARRY: Why we’re stuck with Harry Reid (for a little longer, anyway) (Politico)

DIRTY HARRY (CONT.): Reid bashes Rubio (Politico)

WAR ON RELIGION: Wasserman-Schultz “it’s government’s job to impose its values on you” (Hot Air)

OBAMACARE: Why it goes against the founding fathers (Politico)

OBAMACARE (CONT.): While Obama pushes for more government, UK moving towards privatization? (The Daily Caller)

ETHICS: Time to push out the corrupt Maxine Waters (Politico)

TOLERANCE: MSNBC hounds Pat Buchanan off the air (The American Conservative)

ONLY IN GOVERNMENT: Chicago teachers push for 30% pay increase (The Gateway Pundit)

ONLY IN GOVERNMENT (CONT.): In NYC, a $2.8m public toilet (NY Daily News)

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