Morning Links, 2/14/12

MORE SPENDING, MORE DEBT: Obama’s Amazing Budget (Wall Street Journal)

LET’S HOPE SO: Rush Limbaugh “Obama’s budget is dead on arrival” (Newsmax)

LET’S HOPE SO (CONT.): Another Ryan budget coming (Fox News)

OBAMA’S AMBITION: “global minimum tax” (Weekly Standard)

YOUR OBAMA ECONOMY: January retail sales take largest plunge ever (Zerohedge)

YOUR OBAMA ECONOMY: Gas prices headed towards $5 this summer? (Mcall)

MEDIA WARS: The Daily Caller exposes left-wing Media Matters working with the White House, digging up dirt on enemies including Fox News employees (The Daily Caller … more here)

PAGING ORWELL: Obama’s “Truth Teams” (Fox News)

2012: Romney, Santorum in dead heat nationally (Newsmax)

BACKLASH: Contraception moves could cost Obama election (Politico)

THE IRAN THREAT: Israel blames Bangkok bombing on Iran (Fox News)

BAD TIMING: Obama defense cuts forcing Pentagon to cut troop levels (Newsmax)

STARTING CORRUPTION EARLY: Paying kids to go to school (CBS)

GLIMMER OF HOPE: Hugo Chavez faces challenger (AP)

UH-OH: Over 20 million voter registrations contain errors (Fox News)


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