Morning Links 1/23/12

YOUR OBAMA ECONOMY: America’s “Unrecovery” (ZeroHedge)

YOUR OBAMA ECONOMY (CONT.): Economy a “toxic” issue for Americans (Gallup)

DEMS HEART HIGH GAS PRICES: EPA shuts down refinery in US Virgin Islands (PJ Media)

DEMS HEART HIGH GAS PRICES (CONT.): 500 billion barrels of oil that California won’t touch (NextBigFuture)

OBAMA’S BROKEN BASE: Unions, Enviros split over Keystone XL Pipeline decision (TheHill)

WE HAVE THE POWER: K-Street “Access Lobbyists” losing ground to grassroots advocacy and social media (Politico)

CORRUPTION: Elena Kagan won’t recuse herself in Obamacare case (Daily Caller)

FIGHTING CORRUPTION: Petition to investigate Chris Dodd picks up steam (Politico)

TRAGIC ANNIVERSARY: After 39 years, Roe v. Wade is as wrong as ever (RealClearPolitics)

SUPREME COURT: Government can not track your vehicle without a warrant (The Hill)

ELECTRIC CAR SCAM: Free parking for the wealthy liberal elite? (Fox News)

EVERYONE HATES TSA: But especially Sen. Rand Paul, who missed his flight when TSA detained him over an “irregularity.” (The Hill)

DON’T MESS WITH THE US NAVY: USS Abraham Lincoln confronts Iran, passes through Straits of Hormuz (Fox News)


YOU SAY YOU WANT A REVOLUTION?: Islamists take over in Egypt (NY Times)

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